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Exterior Lighting

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    Automotive Lighting The lighting system of a vehicle consists auto lights of signaling and lighting devices auto lightsmounted sides auto lights. The purpose of this system is to make illumination for the operator of the vehicle to operate the motor vehicle perfectly and when the daskness appear, direction of travel, position, size, and to screen information about the vehicle's presence and direction of the travel. The ECE Regulations for headlamps oncoming cast into the drivers of proceeding. Turn Signals are required to blink "flash" car lights or off car lights and, on at a rate of between 120 or 60 blink P/M. Infinen offers a wide variety of automotive LED car lights driving in the exterior area and interior, example: protected in both multi-channel and single power switches for LEDs and bulbs, LEDs in front lights, boost high-current LED driver and switched DC/DC buck, protected linear LED drivers with diagnostic functionality. Car Lamps LED headlights emergency lamps for vehicles Exterior lighting plays an important role in the safety of road users and car passengers. Many types of lamps (e.g. LED, xenon or halogen) are used in a truck lights function, such as low and high beam headlights, daytime running truck lights, brake truck lights, turn indicators and etc. More functions include shaping to adapt to changing driving conditions and light bending, leveling. A variety of solutions are required, depending on the power source (automotive, offline, portable battery, or powered from a low voltage DC supply or AC supply) and the configuration of the LED (parallel, combination, series), requiring different constant current drivers buck (step-down) or boost (step-up), flyback or buck or even a linear -boost. The difference between the lux takes into account the area over which the luminous flux is spread the measurement done on one high power LED, beam diameter is 14 inches the lumen and the lux is that, the distance between the light and the LED meter is around 9 or 10 inches. Currently, LED has been applied to the automotive exterior and interior, especially in the auto reading light or head up display systems, color LED applications, such as for instrument panel, switch backlight, automotive interior lighting, so that car manufacturers can differentiate from other use colors to distinguish different series of products, or competitors by using their unique identifying color. Automobile lights are like the warning icons or signals. They show information about the direction of an automotive and position, size, presence, speed.

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