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Running Boards

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    A short guide on running boards Running boards are typically installed on large consumer vehicles such as pickup trucks, SUV or vans. Running boards make it easier for passengers and yourself to enter the car, and it can noticeably alter the look of your vehicle. It is best that you get a running board that fits perfectly for your car, and your purpose. In street slang, a running board is also known as a footboard or Nerf bar. Most vehicles that are fresh out from a factory usually do not have any running boards features on them. Running boards are typically added after the factory manufacturing, and many consider it as a custom feature. Running boards on cars have no useful purpose, but it is still a common sight for customized cars for aesthetics purposes. However, running boards are a standard feature for early model cars. This is because early model cars stand higher off the ground, and running boards serves as an extra step for ease when entering the vehicle. During the Hotrods era, running boards was already excluded as a standard features on cars. There are two types of running boards that are available in the market. Running boards that come with lights, and running boards with no lights. Choosing between the two types largely depends on your purpose and preference. Choosing a running board with lights are a good idea if you often park in dark areas, and it is really an eye catcher if they on during nighttime. Different running board models are also constructed with different materials. The most popular running board materials being used today are rugged ABS model board, heavy-duty aluminum, heavy-duty polymer, chrome plated, diamond plated or durable fiberglass. There are other aspects you may want to place your focus on before you buy a running board for your vehicle. Check if the running board comes with a non-slip treads. Running board has a support bracket that is either made from galvanized steel or aluminum. Check if the model already provides such support. Be aware if the running board is suitable for repainting to match your vehicle’s exterior paint job. Before purchasing a running board, check if it is a universal fit, or limited to specific types of vehicles only. Adding or replacing lights in some running board models are possible. If one you are thinking of replacing or adding lights to your running board, then you need to buy a light kit separately. These light kits are highly customizable. Light kits are attachable to any location on the running board, and they are typically configured to light up when the vehicle’s door opens. Light kits usually come with 4 sets of lights, and ideally placed on the two running boards equally. These light kits lasts for a long time, and are visibly bright.

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